Research and creation of studies on the topics of work, health, and education are one of the core competencies of abif.

Here we apply research designs with qualitative and quantitative methods and offer the client well-founded analyzes and presentations of the results.

We work out recommendations and are happy to advise you on further steps and procedures.

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Completed Projects in Category "research"


Professional recognition in Austria. Experiences of persons in recognition and nostrification procedures of foreign professional qualifications


Labor Market Policy Measures with Regard to the Greening of the Economy - Green Jobs against Unemployment?

Study of adolescent and young adult experiences during the Corona Crisis

Research project on psychosocial effects of the Corona crisis and conclusions for the labor market policy

Labour Market 2030

Survey and concept development on the accessibility of young people as well as parents with regard to vocational orientation in Lower Austria

Study to identify and assess possible options for updating Council Directive 89/654/EEC and Council Directive 90/270/EEC


Position of the BIZ within the Styrian vocational orientation landscape and development of a USP for (new) customers

Experiences of violence by women with a migratory background in the context of Covid-19

Digital and assisting work and training tools

Empirically based target group and needs analysis for the use of educational and vocational counselling by people with disabilities


SfU - Service for companies: What approaches are pursued in European Public Employment Services?

Analysis of Target Groups and Needs for the Use of Educational and Vocational Guidance by Older People


Improving conditions for jobseekers aged 50 and over


Analysis of Needs and Characteristics of Vocational and Educational Counselling for Adolescents

Analysis of Needs and Characteristics of Vocational and Educational Counselling in the Tertiary Educational Field and the Job Market for Graduates


Study on Job-Hunting Strategies and (Prevention of) Mismatch for Developing an Informational Guide

Cross-Referencing Study on Integration Companies in Germany and Austria – Good Practices and Recommendations

De-Qualification via Qualification? Trainings Below Ones Level of Training and Their Effects on Ones Career

Needs and Characteristics of Vocational and Educational Counselling: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis on the Austrian Consulting Landscape

Study: The Potential of (Further) Education in the Health and Wellness Sector in Lower Austria


The relevance of insolvency foundations for regional labour markets exemplified by the "Quelle"-foundation

Study about the recognition of foreign qualifications in Austria

Effects and quality of BIZ counselling in Burgenland and Tyrol

Mentally Stressed Clients in the Context of Labour Market, Educational and Vocational Guidance


Supporting vocational orientation and teaching methods for women in view of qualifications in the fields of technology and nature science. Factors of resilience against the gender specific segregation of the labor market


Low-threshold educational and vocational guidance formats


Relevance of changes in attitude due to unemployment and health/rehabilitation against the background of reintegration into the labour market in cooperation with the BBRZ

Demands on career and labour market orientation for young people in the domain of university colleges of education with particular regard to the career information service provided by the Public Employment Service Austria

International good practice examples and trends in educational and career counselling as well as vocational guidance in higher education

Safety in adolescence


The integration of young people with migration background who are furthest from the labour market into the labour market of Upper Austria


International Comparison of Quality Assurance in Guidance Competencies

Job finding and Employability of Bachelor Graduates in the Private Sector


Job finding and Employability of University Graduates in the Private Sector (Continuation)

Job finding and Employability of Graduates from Universities of Applied Sciences (FH)


Network of experts in gender equality, social inclusion, health and long-term care

Analysis of Food Advertising to Children on the Internet

Job finding and Employability of University Graduates in the Private Sector (Continuation)

Soft and Hard Skills with regards to Recruiting Practice and Qualification Re-quirements in the Energy and Environmental Sector in Austria


Semi-qualitative Analysis of Food Advertising in Television Programmes for Children

Chances and Opportunities of Programmes for a Sustainable Employability and Health of the Unemployed for an Improved Labour Market Integration - Political Psychological and Sociological Perspectives

Quantitative Analysis of Food Advertising in Television Programmes for Children


Development of a field research instrument to the collection of vocational biographies and qualification portfolio profiles within relevant vocational sectors (inclusive test run)

Job finding and Employability of University Graduates in the Private Sector

The satisfaction, income situation and job perspectives offered by new employment forms in Vienna

Analysis and typology of the endogenous potentials of persons being legally able to hold a job and having a migration background in Vienna for the external trade with the MEE states


Job changers on the Austrian labour market. Perspectives and chances in SMEs

Vocational career-paths and qualification profiles of trainers in the vocational educational sector

Building confidence? Islamic religious education in the Austrian and German public school system

Individual life situations of rehabilitants: Success aspects of social and vocational rehablitation


The impact of cultural differences on students´ expectations concerning job counselling

The Employment Situation of Older Employees: Chances and Barriers


Short version of the study Gender specific Disparities

Male Divorce Victims as a New Target Group? Financial and Economic Implications

Educational Goals in the Knowledge and Information Society - A Discourse Analysis from 1990 to 2001


Vocational Orientation in the Focus of Active Labour Market Policy

One Person Enterprises – Atypical Forms as an Opportunity in the Labour Market

Atypical Employment – Characteristics and Types of Precarious Jobs

The qualifications and potentials of freelancers

Vocational Rehabilitation in Change


Basics for the education of youngsters in the knowledge and information society

Opportunities on the labour market and within the educational system after graduating from an "AHS" school

New placement strategies of Public Employment Services in the context of the Covid-19-Pandemic