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Project "Youngsters"

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Basics for the education of youngsters in the knowledge and information society


The starting point of this analysis is the increasing use of information and communication technologies in all fields of life and work. This development is part of the structural changes taking place and the transition to a knowledge-based economy. In this economic environment, information and knowledge have become eminently important by comparison to earlier development stages. The result of this process is a system that requires flexibility in people and the capability to adapt continuously to new requirements.

At the centre of this process is the acquisition of competencies that help people to cope better with social change. Social change is the focus of our analysis, which describes the new demands on the training system in terms of content, methods and organisation. An important aspect of these developments is the fundamental change in the labour market which requires more than just slight modifications of the curricula. A fundamental reform of the education system will have to be implemented within the next few years in order to meet labour market requirements. Unless this reform is implemented, the system will be faced with growing criticism because it fails to prepare young people for the challenges they face after leaving school.

Project Management

Karin Steiner (abif)

Project Team

Thomas Kreiml (abif), Brigitte Mosberger (abif), Lisa Kivalo (w@lz), Renate Chorherr (w@lz)

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BMVIT - Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology