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Project "Islamic education"

Project Title

Building confidence? Islamic religious education in the Austrian and German public school system


The contact to Islam belongs to the current society and pan-European religious political topics. Thereby the Islamic religious education has a key role; however, amongst the pupils, there is a chance to promote the understanding of a multi-denominational living together in a pluralistic system and the necessary tolerance to it, in connection with their own religious tradition. Austria is the only European state, in which Islamic religious education is organized in public schools, in principle all over the country; however an adequate interdisciplinary and comparative investigation is missing so far. This is so much unfortunate, as at the moment a reform regarding teachers’ education is under way, which includes also the Islamic religion teachers’ education. The current project is ment to help closing this gap.

In a first step previous research projects are summarized and the legal situation in Germany and Austria is comparared. In a next step interviews with experts, as well as three focus groups with pupils and teachers are carried out. Further on the trainees at the Islamic academy are interviewed in the framework of a questionnaire survey.

Project Management

Richard Potz (Institut for right and religion, University of Vienna)

Project Team

Jürgen Wallner (Institut for right and religion, University of Vienna), Andrea Egger-Subotitsch (abif), Selma Kadi (abif)

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