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Project "VET for Adolescents"

Project Title

Analysis of Needs and Characteristics of Vocational and Educational Counselling for Adolescents


Among all age groups, adolescents face the most serious issues when entering into professional life. Especially those youngsters for whom furher education after finishing compulsory school is out of question, often become clients of the Public Employment Service Austria (PES). Therefore, the PES assigned a study on recent national experiences and international good practices in the field of vocational and educational counselling for adolescents to abif.

The main objective of the study is the continuous development and improvement of the respective PES strategy. Via a wide range of different qualitative and quantitative methods, abif will analyze trends in the respective field to identify effective options to face current and future challenges when working with young people.

Project Management

Mag.a Karin Steiner

Project Team

Mag. Mario Taschwer, Mag.a Claudia Liebeswar MA

Project Start


Project End


Project Initiator

Public Employment Service Austria