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Project "Young migrants"

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The integration of young people with migration background who are furthest from the labour market into the labour market of Upper Austria


Young people with migration background are more at risk of being excluded from the labour market than others und therefore depend very much on institutional pre-vocational education that supports their transition to working life. These measures are implemented at a key phase in their lives, since from the point of view of transition research, the way people cope with transitions plays an important role for how they will deal with future challenges and changes. Each transition constitutes a time window in which the course for the future is set. What plays a major role is the question how well people can cope with the transition – in spite of difficult circumstances – by drawing on personal and socially mediated resources.

In the course of the project, people with migration background who are at two different points in their lives are studied: Within the scope of the scientific monitoring of the ESF SP 2 measures “Triangulum” and “Deine Chance”, the situation of children and young people before they start their careers is systematically described. People who have already begun their professional lives will be questioned in order to find out which factors are afterwards evaluated and perceived as relevant to success and which support the respondents would have wished for. In each step of the study, the focus will be on the field of pre-vocational education, since it profoundly shapes the decision which school young people want to graduate from, which professional qualification they want to obtain and hence also which social position they will later have in society.

While conducting the study, both a brochure and a website for young people, parents, teachers, counsellors, trainers and relevant authorities will be created in order to provide further information as well as the contact addresses of all measures in Upper Austria aimed at that target group. At the close of the study, a conference to present and elaborate the final results as well as a press conference will be held.

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Brigitte Mosberger M.A. (abif)

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Andrea Poschalko M.A. (abif)

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