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Project "Educational Goals"

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Educational Goals in the Knowledge and Information Society - A Discourse Analysis from 1990 to 2001


The process of social change and the emergence of the knowledge and information society changes human integration in social structures, especially in the work atmosphere. The training system is obliged to respond to these developments, in order to prepare people for new requirements. The consequence of this is a multi-layered, strongly differentiated discourse on the education and training system, which is carried out not only pedagogically but also politically.

The goal of the project is to create a typology which enables the analysis of prevailing tendencies of recent years as well as new developments.

This analysis is necessary as the educational discourse refers not only to the creation of new pedagogic concepts but also to an image of humans and society which manifests itself within educational policies and pedagogic institutions. The desired overview is the basis for the confrontation of different directions leading to the question of respective goals. The description of ideal types can be considered as different social views. Their analysis gives information on the standards which are the basis for social development.

Project Management

Ernst Gehmacher (abif)

Project Team

Thomas Kreiml (abif), Karin Steiner (abif)

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