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Project "Trainers"

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Vocational career-paths and qualification profiles of trainers in the vocational educational sector


Jobs like trainers in the vocational educational sector were lit up in the research so far only in comparatively small measure. This is therefore more amazing, as trainers that train job-seekers overtake a key function in the labour market political landscape.

These trainers have a socially integrative role in the vocational and social educational sector of the society. The identification of their training profiles, individual qualifications, main competences and fields of activity as well as the reconstruction of their vocational and qualification profiles on the basis of qualitative inquiry methods serves to finally considering the actors of this vocational sector, who have been neglected by research so far. One goal is it to prove those formal and informal qualifications and competences which are necessary, in order to successfully work as a trainer.

Apart from a literature analysis and secondary statistic evaluations, abif is going to carry out expert interviews [ n=6 ] and qualitative interviews with further education trainers [ n=16 ]. Thus 8 trainers who are currently active in job market-political measures (career guidance, activation, qualification) are going to be questioned. Further 8 trainers who were active within this sector before and who in the course of their careers have further specialised themselves in carrying out trainings in the fields of private economy, personnel development and coaching are going to be interviewed. Not only the trainers’ decision-making to take up the job they are doing, the advance information to the job, the acquired qualification profile, the entry into the job market are to be brought up for discussion, but also their satisfaction with their profession, their self-perception, as well as possible ideals and examples.

Project Management

Karin Steiner (abif)

Project Team

Brigitte Mosberger (abif), Thomas Kreiml (abif), Eva Leuprecht (abif)

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Public Employment Service Austria/BIQ