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Project "Resilience factors"

Project Title

Supporting vocational orientation and teaching methods for women in view of qualifications in the fields of technology and nature science. Factors of resilience against the gender specific segregation of the labor market


The horizontal segregation in the Austrian labor market has hardly changed in the last few years. There are still occupational areas “typical of women” and areas “typical of men”. Above all, in the skilled crafts and trade and technology women are still strongly under-represented which goes hand in hand with many disadvantages for women (e.g. lower income). The goal is therefore to ensure that women have equal access to skilled crafts and trade or professions in technology. For this purpose, it will be revealing to have a close look at women who are already working in these professional fields and to analyze factors that contribute to choosing or practicing a male profession.

The study aims at identifying resilience factors by carrying out interviews with women in skilled crafts and trade or professions in technology and by reviewing the current state of research. The results will be published in a handbook by the Austrian Public Employment Service. It will provide information to trainers, teachers and counsellors what conditions in teaching, further education and counselling can contribute to women pursuing a profession in technology or in a skilled craft.

Project Management

Karin Steiner (abif)

Project Team

Monira Kerler (abif), Sandra Schneeweiß (abif)

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