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Project "Job changers"

Project Title

Job changers on the Austrian labour market. Perspectives and chances in SMEs


Under the current transformation of the labour market, the number of people who find no or no adequate employment in the field of activity they were trained for and/or they originally worked in raises. Therefore, also the number of people, who consider a change of profession, rises inevitably. In the research project on behalf of the Labour Market Service Austria (AMS)/BIQ, KMU research Austria and abif investigate how this change could take place as efficiently and satisfactory as possible both for the employers and for those wanting to change their profession. A further question is how this change could be supported by the Labour Market Service in an active way.

In a first work step those sectors are going to be identified, in which there is a high demand of personnel, and where the qualification profiles for the sought personnel have been already worked out. In a further step the factors for a successful job change are provided, and in a third step the existing qualification ways are analysed and new ones are being worked out. Thereto, statistic evaluations of existing information data-bases are going to be carried out; qualitative interviews and different research activities are to be accomplished. The goal of the study is it to point out borders and possibilities of re-qualification and to depict ways that lead to a successful change of profession, whereby the employment situation in the Austrian SMEs is going to be dealt with in particular.

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Andrea Egger (abif), Eva Leuprecht (abif)

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Public Employment Service Austria, department BIQ