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Project "University Grads. (II)"

Project Title

Job finding and Employability of University Graduates in the Private Sector (Continuation)


Certain fields of studies in Austria exhibit specific job market and entrance problems for graduates. The goal of the project is to receive information from university graduates as to their problems, strategies and access paths into the labour market. The focus of the study lies on graduates in the private sector.

Five exemplary fields of studies (veterinary and human medicine, jurisprudence, translation/interpretation, history) are picked out similarly to the predecessor-project (University Graduates I). Due to the large number of students and graduates, these fields are particularly relevant for the labour market.

The study covers a telephone questioning of 507 university graduates, who completed their academic degree at least two and at the most five years ago. Additionally, interviews on "career entry and stabilization" and "income and opportunities for advancement", as well as on typical career chances and trends were carried out with experts from private sector, from agencies and vocational organizations and from the university sector. In a third part analyses of university graduates’ current studies and works referring to the job market situation as well as of accessible statistics and trend analyses are conducted.

Project Management

Brigitte Mosberger (abif)

Project Team

Thomas Kreiml (abif), Eva Denkmayr (abif)

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Project Initiator

Public Employment Service Austria