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Project "Unemployment and Health"

Project Title

Relevance of changes in attitude due to unemployment and health/rehabilitation against the background of reintegration into the labour market in cooperation with the BBRZ


In past abif projects qualitative interview and interpretation methods were used that revealed again and again the complexity of the interplay of health and labour market position. Some of the people interviewed were working or seeking work although having, as seen from the outside, severe medical conditions, whereas others who seemed to have minor symptoms had almost completely given up the thought of paid work. That is why the question of how these differences come about often arises.

The aims of the study are to:
1. Record “changes” in the attitude to paid work (and health) of unemployed people with health problems;
2. Discover constellations that led to these changes;
3. Determine the relevance of such attitude changes in terms of the future labour market position/integration;
4. Draw conclusions for counselling of unemployed people with health problems if need be;
5. Compare the progress of people with occupational rehabilitation and people without right to occupational rehabilitation.

Project Management

Andrea Egger-Subotitsch (abif)

Project Team

Andrea Poschalko (abif)

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Project Initiator

AMS Österreich