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Project "Mental Stress of Clients"

Project Title

Mentally Stressed Clients in the Context of Labour Market, Educational and Vocational Guidance


The aim of the publication is to provide basic knowledge about mental-health problems in the context of an individual, vocation-related guidance. Here the focus will be specifically on the medical-psychological essentials as well as on selected clinical patterns. Relevant Do's and Don'ts in the contact with affected persons will be depicted.

With this handbook abif intends to sensitize trainers and counsellors of the AMS-context to this highly topical issue. Also, a sound and practical tool for quality development in different counselling settings is provided.

The core of the publication theoretically deals with mental-health problems in the environment of vocational guidance (medical-psychological essentials, consequences in the world of work, empowerment and recovery), presents current research results in this area and offers a knowledge base for the contact and handling with affected persons in the form of practical recommendations and methods.

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Mag.a Andrea Poschalko

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Labour Market Service Austria (AMS)