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Project "Study on Mismatching"

Project Title

Study on Job-Hunting Strategies and (Prevention of) Mismatch for Developing an Informational Guide


This study seeks to illustrate the varying kinds of mismatches and tries to identify factors that can facilitate them with a special focus on job-hunting behaviour. In addition to looking at the causes of mismatches, their intermediate and long term effects on affected people are explored.

The results will be the basis for shaping an informational guide that not only aims at educating on the phenomenon but also at providing methods and strategies to avoid mismatches and to achieve a match instead.

Interviews and focus groups of experts in relevant areas, such as staff management, will be employed in conjunction with bibliographic research to yield a maximum of valuable information.

Project Management

Mag.a Karin Steiner

Project Team

Monira Kerler MA

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Project Initiator

Public Employment Service Austria