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Project "Focus Voc. Orientation"

Project Title

Vocational Orientation in the Focus of Active Labour Market Policy


Rapid developments on the labour market - in terms of flexibility, atypical employment and lifelong learning - concern institutions like the Public Employment Service (AMS) with regards to the question as to whether or not its offered services meet the current requirements.

In the scope of this study, the concept's goals of vocational orientation courses are to be examined. Another task within the project is to carry out a systemic analysis of the interest situation of different groups and organisations being concerned with the instrument of vocational orientation programmes: representatives of training institutions, trainers and job-seekers. Moreover, solutions are to be compiled in order to improve the process.

Finally, didactical methods in vocational orientation courses are to be described and examined in respect to how they contribute to attaining the goal of motivating job-seekers to increase their problem-solving capacities and to enable a successful vocational orientation. In order to examine vocational orientation courses and their social environment a literature analysis, a description of pedagogic and didactical materials, an evaluation of the training materials and methods, as well as qualitative interviews with selected individuals are to be carried out.

Project Management

Karin Steiner (abif)

Project Team

Elisabeth Simbürger

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Public Employment Service (AMS)