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Project "Safety in adolescence"

Project Title

Safety in adolescence


The topic of “Safety in adolescence” has become more and more important in the last decades. This can be attributed to various factors: the increasing discussion about how to manage traffic – above all in urban areas – and especially the consideration of vulnerable road users, including children and young people, and their safety. Since young people often use single-track vehicles like bicycles and mopeds, their perspective and safety needs as well as their safety behaviour have to be especially taken into account. The second important factor is the growing importance of sports as leisure activities and therefore the increasing risk of leisure accidents. In the course of the project, essays of young people between 10 and 14 years of age on the topic of safety and risk behaviour will be analysed. In addition, six focus groups in schools and ten qualitative interviews will be carried out. Using the data obtained, a typology of safety styles or risk behaviour is to be developed. Apart from that, social factors will be determined that influence these safety styles.

Project Management

Karin Steiner M.A. (abif)

Project Team

Sandra Schneeweiß M.A., Franziska Haydn M.A. (abif)

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