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Project "Soft Skills Energysector"

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Soft and Hard Skills with regards to Recruiting Practice and Qualification Re-quirements in the Energy and Environmental Sector in Austria


Modern recruiting practices of enterprises do not focus exclusively on formal professional qualifications anymore. Instead soft skills and strategical competencies become more and more important in personnel recruiting and human resource development (HRD). More-over, it is very likely that there are differences when it comes to the importance of these skills with regards to different groups of employees that differ according to the level of education, work experience, gender and age.
With regards to that there are obviously new challenges emerging for the enterprises’ human resource management as well as for labour market policies concerning the meth-ods used in Public Employment Services (PES) as well as labour market related projects and programmes.
Apart from a literature analysis and secondary statistic evaluations, human resource managers and experts will be interviewed to find out how and how strong these key competencies influence the recruiting process. Specifically in question are the relations between hard and soft skills and the dependence of competence models and profiles upon variables like the level of education, work experience, gender and age.
Future trends with regards to required key competencies are focused by this study in order to give recommendations for implementing and developing vocational guidance and job placement by the Public Employment Service (PES).

Project Management

Brigitte Mosberger (abif)

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Thomas Kreiml (abif)

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Public Employment Service Austria