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Project "Career Chances 50+"

Project Title

Improving conditions for jobseekers aged 50 and over


More and more job-seekes are 50 years or older. Increasing the labour force participation of older workers is therefore one of the priority areas of the PESs employment policy, as the annual PES reports of recent years clearly show. However, counselling in the PES must also be adapted to the specific obstacles and needs of older people and used specifically to promote active ageing and reduce old-age unemployment.

In order to ensure this, the acquisition of knowledge about which factors on the applicant side (e.g. attitude and behaviour aspects) and which factors on the employer side (e.g. cometenc and appearance) have a negative or positive influence on the chances of reintegration of older applicants is decisive.

To ensure this, in addition to an extensive literature and data analysis, abif follows a methodological and data triangulative approach based on the analysis and survey of both groups of people involved:

  • semi-standardised telephone survey of customers who were able to take up employment successfully and customers who were unable to do so (n=500)
  • qualitative customer panel over 6 months according to the diary method (n=20-25)
  • expert interviews with HR managers of Austrian companies (n=50 companies á 1 to 2 interviews)
  • statistical analysis of PES structural data)
Based on this, strategies for the successful labour market integration of older clients will be formulated, which can be addressed to the applicants themselves, to the PES counsellors and to the PES as an organisation.

Project Management

Mag.a Andrea Egger-Subotitsch

Project Team

Mag.a Claudia Liebeswar MA, Lukas Grabowski MSc, Agnes Dürr

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Project Initiator

Public Employment Service of Austria