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Project "Bachelors"

Project Title

Job finding and Employability of Bachelor Graduates in the Private Sector


By order of the Austrian Public Employment Service Center (AMS, ABI) abif conducts a research project on “Job finding and Employability of Bachelor Graduates in the Private Sector”.

Six exemplary fields of studies (biology, education science, sociology, business administration, informatics, communication science) are picked out, in order to study the bachelor graduates´conditions in terms of job finding and employability. Due to the large number of students and graduates, these fields are particularly relevant for the labour market.

The study aims at providing an overview of career entries, job experiences and job opportunities of Bachelor graduates versus Master graduates from Austrian universities.

The research project covers a quantitative survey with bachelor graduates (n=510) and 24 qualitative guided interviews with experts from the private sector, from agencies, vocational organizations and from the university sector. The interviews will focus on "career entry and stabilization", "income and opportunities for advancement", as well as on "typical career chances" and "trends" on the labor market. Additionally, the study covers a literature analysis and an analysis of secondary data sources.

Project Management

Mag. Karin Steiner

Project Team

Mag., MA. Eva Leuprecht, Mag. Doris Muralter

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Project Initiator

AMS Österreich