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Project "Integration Companies"

Project Title

Cross-Referencing Study on Integration Companies in Germany and Austria – Good Practices and Recommendations


Integration companies in Germany provide special workplace environments that offer people with disabilities a chance to earn a regular wage. Most of the times, these companies are exposed to the regular forces of a free market and therefore need to compete with other companies for revenue and market shares. In addition, they are fulfilling an important social responsibility by ensuring that at least 25% (but less than 50%) of their workforce is comprised of people with severe disabilities. In 2015, about 1500 people with severe disabilities were employed in about 850 integration companies alongside twice as much non-impaired colleagues.

The study aims at analysing and describing German integration companies regarding their inclusiveness, their profitability and other factors of interest that arise during the research. Subsequently, abif will explore methods of adapting this model for Austria and identify easily adoptable elements while taking current subvention guidelines for socioeconomic companies (SÖBs) and social employment programs (GBPs) into account.

Project Management

Mag.a Andrea Egger-Subotitsch

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Mag. Martin Stark

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Public Employment Service Austria