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Project "SOLOCOM"

Project Title

One Person Enterprises – Atypical Forms as an Opportunity in the Labour Market


The situation of the self-employed is to be examined in the scope of a demand analysis in each participating country in order to clarify the needs of the target group. This analysis includes forms of atypical employment, especially the self-employed and entrepreneurs.

The synthesis of all national reports will show common and different aspects of the situation of the self-employed. It will be the basis for developing the curriculum.

In the next step the curriculum will be developed and summarized within a handbook, a trainer manual, checklists and a CD-Rom. The curriculum will include basics of economics, social skills and practical organisation. Moreover, a technical platform will offer e-learning methods for the participants.

The curriculum will be tested and evaluated in the scope of a pilot project with a group of people who wish to become self-employed.

abif is responsible for the Austrian demand analysis, the synthesis of the national reports and the documentation of the results of the curriculum development phase.

Aside from the Austrian co-ordinator, the transnational partners belong to the following countries: Germany, France, Great Britain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia.

Project Management

Martina Schubert (FO.FO.S.)

Project Team

Karin Steiner (abif)

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EU Programme LEONARDO DA VINCI 2 (Pilot project)


FO.FO.S. - Forum for the Promotion of the Self-Employed