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Project "Migrants - Foreign Trade"

Project Title

Analysis and typology of the endogenous potentials of persons being legally able to hold a job and having a migration background in Vienna for the external trade with the MEE states


Contents: The city of Vienna has a high proportion of workers and/or inhabitants - also in comparison with other European cities - "with a migration background", in particular coming from East and South-East European countries as well as Turkey. This aspect represents an important factor on the Viennese labour market and is going to gain in importance in the coming years, due to the liberalisation of the labour markets towards the new European Union member states. At the same time the migrants’ countries of origin have become, in the course of the European integration (particularly the EU - enlargement process) important markets for the Austrian and/or Viennese organisations, which profit thereby from the favourable geographical location.

As to the use of chances on the markets in the eastern and southern countries, there is presently a strong need to overcome the abashment when it comes to internationalization and co-operation, which are caused, among others, by linguistic and cultural barriers. Workers with a migration background can represent an important resource for the Viennese enterprises, when it comes to overcoming these obstacles. The goal of the project is to acquire and work off both the basics for an intensified use of the potentials of workers with a migration background from Eastern and Southern Europe and, in this regard, to derive the recommendations for the appropriate measures from already acquired findings. For these purposes the working potential of these persons is to be determined as comprehensively as possible; furthermore, the "use” of this working potential for cross-border activities of the Viennese enterprises towards Eastern and Southern Europe should be evaluated; the measures to promote the "use" and "availability" of this working potential are to be developed and accomplished.

The methodical approach therefore contains (within the part to be carried out by abif) literature analysis, half-standardized qualitative interviews and an expert survey (on basis of half-standardized qualitative interviews).

Project Management

Irene Mandl (KMFA)

Project Team

Andrea Dorr (KMFA), Eva Heckl (KMFA), Andrea Egger (abif), Thomas Kreiml (abif)

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Municipal Department 27 – Vienna City Administration