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Project "University graduates III"

Project Title

Job finding and Employability of University Graduates in the Private Sector (Continuation)


By order of the Austrian Public Employment Service Center (AMS, ABI) abif and the research institution SORA conducted three research projects on “Job finding and Employability of University Graduates in the Private Sector” in 2006, 2007 and 2008. The focus of the study at hand lies on graduates from universities VERSUS universities of applied sciences (FH).

Six exemplary fields of studies (physics, engineering, mathematics, construction engineering, electronics, chemistry) are picked out similarly to the predecessor-projects (University Graduates (I), University Graduates (II)). Due to the large number of students and graduates, these fields are particularly relevant for the labour market.

The study aims at providing an overview of career entries, job experiences and job opportunities of graduates from technical universities of applied sciences (FH) versus technical universities. What are their problems, strategies and ways of transition from education to work? Can differences and similarities be identified? The study covers a literature analysis, an analysis of secondary data sources, a quantitative survey with graduates (n=980) and 24 qualitative guided interviews with experts. In a third part analyses of university graduates’ current studies and works referring to the job market situation as well as of accessible statistics and trend analyses are conducted.

Project Management

Mag.a Eva Leuprecht, MA (abif)

Project Team

Mag.a Marie Jelenko (abif), Ruth Kasper (abif), Mag. Hubert Weinheimer

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