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Project "Study "Recognition""

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Study about the recognition of foreign qualifications in Austria


The Österreichische Integrationsfonds ÖIF, abif and the Donau-University Krems are surveying the process of recognition of foreign qualifications in Austria. The central questions are: What is the number of cases? What is the result of recognition examinations (positive, negative)? And what is the demand of information and advice of persons who seek to let their qualifications recognise?

We are interested in their perspectives, motivations and problems in the process of recognition. Therefore, abif carries out a comprehensive recherche which is aiming on a complete description of number of cases of all involved institutions. At the same time, persons with a recognition history will be interviewed. Last but not least, latest regulatory framework will be depicted. The results will be used for drafting recommendations of action.

Project Management

Andrea Egger-Subotitsch

Project Team

Monira Kerler, Evelyn Doll

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