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Project "Web-Advertis. Analysis"

Project Title

Analysis of Food Advertising to Children on the Internet


An analysis of the TV-program for children revealed, that ten percent of the air time is used for advertising, among the private broadcasters it is even twenty percent.
If food is advertised, two out of three spots are about unhealthy food, like sweets and lemonades. The content of the advertisements addressed to children is mostly adventurous and funny.
But how about the advertising strategies of food manufacturers on the Internet? This issue is devoted to the follow-up study on behalf of the Department of Consumer Policy of the “Chamber of Labour”. The study focuses on the Internet use of children and on the analysis of websites of food manufacturers, which offer and apply products especially for children.

Project Management

Andrea Egger-Subotitsch (abif)

Project Team

Marie Jelenko (abif), Eva Denkmayr (abif)

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Project End


Project Initiator

Chamber of Labour