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Project "Vocational Biographies"

Project Title

Development of a field research instrument to the collection of vocational biographies and qualification portfolio profiles within relevant vocational sectors (inclusive test run)


Given the boost of discontinuous acquisition processes and of the therewith connected social risks and demands regarding employees’ willingness to professionally develop themselves, the claim for shaping professional careers , vocational biographical fractions, individual and social coping strategies and appropriate (further) educational measures gain in importance. The knowledge over professional careers in both a pluralist and individualist society is at present rather small, last but not least due to the lack of suitable tools for the collection of professional careers in consideration of micro and macro social process.

Under these circumstances a tool has to be developed in order to enable the rash investigation of relevant general vocational biographical questions over branches of trade and vocational borders and beyond that to seize specific aspects of the professional activity. Thereby a profound assistance with a direct application value for the vocational information is to be compiled. In the course of the tool development different quantitative and qualitative models and methods of the acquisition process research are to be discussed, further developed and combined according to a "pro and against pattern".

In a following investigation within the health sector the strengths and weaknesses of the tool can be tested and adapted for future applications.

Project Management

Brigitte Mosberger (abif)

Project Team

Marie Jelenko (abif)

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Public Employment Service Austria




Isabella Kaupa / SORA