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Project "Study Foundation"

Project Title

The relevance of insolvency foundations for regional labour markets exemplified by the "Quelle"-foundation


Work foundations are integral to the Austrian active labour market policy, having the purpose of reintegrating people who are affected by the economic structural changes into the labour market by offering them well-aimed qualification. In the course of the Quelle insolvency, whereby 1000 employees had lost their jobs, an insolvency foundation was established in late 2009 with the support of the Public Employment Service and the regional government of Upper Austria.

The research project focuses on following questions:
• Can the instrument of an insolvency foundation meet the expectations in practice?
• Which reasons did former Quelle employees have to decide for or against the participation in the foundation? How do they rate their respective decisions in hindsight?
• Which were the most influential factors regarding the successful (re-)integration into the labour market?
• Are insolvency foundations, considering the availability of other active labour market policies, still up-to-date?

To answer these research questions, a variety of methods was used:
• Telephone interviews of people who decided against the participation in the foundation
• Interviews of people who participated in the foundation for more than 3 months
• Quantitative analysis of influential factors on labour market reintegration
• Workshops with PES and foundation board employees
• Interviews with experts
• Document analysis and literature research

Project Management

Mag.a Andrea Egger-Subotitsch

Project Team

Mag. Martin Stark, Mag.a Claudia Liebeswar MA

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PES Upper Austria, Regional Government Upper Austria