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Project title:DUALVET - Transfer of successful structures and guidance for implementing the dual VET system. Training company trainers

Promotion of dual training is an essential goal in the framework of the European cooperation and with this project the partners also hope to contribute to get it by sensitizing society, public authorities and enterprises on the advantages that a vocational education and training system, as the dual one, may provide to our youth easy access to employment.

The specific objective of the project to initiate and implement a transfer of know-how on dual training systems from experienced players from Germany and Austria to Spain and Portugal focused on training company trainers on transversal skills and competences.

We understand that workers, who will become the educators and trainers of the future apprentices and trainees need to learn how to teach and need to be trained on communicative, methodological and personal competences.

The main results of this project will be:

• model manual on how to organize the training in the framework of a dual training system in Spain and Portugal.

• practical guide for instructors on transversal skills and competences.

• pilot training action on transversal skills and competences.

• European network composed by 50 actors with experience in the matter.

• model manual on key questions and special requirements for instructors who will take apprentices.

• practical guide for companies in the automotive activity sector on how to conduct the dual education training.

• practical guide for companies in the tourism activity sector on how to conduct the dual education training.

Project manager:Andrea Egger-Subotitsch
Project begin:11/2013
Project end:11/2015
Coordinator:Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Zaragoza
Sponsor:Leonardo da Vinci, Innovationstransfer
Project Partner:abif Analysis Consulting and Interdsciplinary Research (Austria), IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH (Germany), Akademie für Welthandel AG (Germany), Inovaformação – Prestação de Serviços de Formação Profissional Lda. (Portugal), Cambra de Comerç i Industria de Terrassa (Spain), Fundación San Valero (Spain)