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Project title:Family-career-compass: Efficient approaches of vocational counseling to support parents in guiding their childs career (FAMICO)

FAMICO seeks to provide supportive utilities and methods to counselors in the context of vocational guidance that enable them to involve parents efficiently in the counselling process of their children.

Counselors will be enabled to support the personal developing process of their clients not only with respect to the individual but also with respect to the family system. Parents have a decisive influence on their childrens career choices. In a process where parents are actively involved they can develop a larger comprehensiveness how to support their childs process of career choice and vocational orientation (under consideration of typical age capacities).

In order to reach this aim the project will develop a training program and a handbook for counselors, a handbook for parents and an e-platform.

abif is responsible for the three training programs for counselors.

Project manager: Mag.a Karin Steiner
Project team Mag.a Claudia Liebeswar MA
Project begin:11/2013
Project end:10/2015
Coordinator:Spoleczna Akademia Nauk (Polen)
Sponsor:Leonardo da Vinci, Lifelong Learning Programme
Project Partner:abif (AT), Bahcesehir Üniversitesi (TK), Kadis (SL), Life Long Learning Research Institute (GR), Ekpaideutiria Douka (GR)
Website:PRESS HERE to get the fourth newsletter of the FAMICO Project