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Project title:Right Person in the Right Job - Train the Trainers in the Field of Career Guidance

The goal of “Riperijo” is to develop a “Train the Trainer” curriculum for people who work in the area of employment market measures. It would therefore deal with basic and further training for the purpose of coordinating the individual potentials of job seekers with the occupational possibilities and demands of today’s job market.

The focus of the training is based on occupational tasks in the knowledge and information society, innovative methods, as well as practically oriented subject matter in the area of occupational orientation. The target group is comprised of trainers who are either already active in job market projects or plan to be.
Presently unemployed individuals are also included in the target group, although specific training or corresponding job experience would be required.

Among the products that should be created in the framework of this pilot project would be a self-study CD-Rom and a web-based training programme which would be used in conjunction with “face to face” training. The programme is to be evaluated. The relevant results will be available on the project website www.riperijo.org as of 2003.

Project manager:Martina Schubert (FO.FO.S), Karin Steiner (abif)
Project teamDiana Höglinger (abif)
Project begin:10/2002
Project end:11/2005
Comm./Sponsor:EU-Programme LEONARDO DA VINCI
Project Partner:bfi Wien (A), tekh.cc (A), Znanie (BG), RCI ( CY), Tullossilta (FI), H&S Internet Services (GE), Wegre (GR), CUI (I), Fase (ES), Dunarea de Jos University (RO)