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Project title:The training methodology of European cross-cultural business values

With the growing together of the European marketing area the spectrum and the quality of business relations widen themselves through the increase of intercultural contacts. For a successful entrepreneurship, intercultural knowledge and intercultural understanding are important components. In the background of social and economic integration in Europe, common values-which constitute a European business culture-are looked for, on the basis of the rich cultural inheritance.
The goals of the project are the production of a concept of the European business culture with all their common and country-specific value structures, as well as the subsequent conversion to a training course project, which prepares business-people for acting in the intercultural business field.

The individual project steps are:

  • Preparation of a methodology for the diagnosis of business-specific cultural values and the realisation of a survey in five European countries
  • Production of the conceptional value model of the business culture in Europe
  • Production and testing of a training method for cross-cultural business values

Project manager:Andrea Egger (abif)
Project begin:11/2003
Project end:10/2005
Comm./Sponsor:EU-Programme LEONARDO DA VINCI 2
Coordinator:Technical University of Kaunas, Faculty of economics and management, Lithuania