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Project "Further Education"

Project Title

Evaluation of the Publication "The Future of Further Training"


During the last years the Austrian further education market has been characterized by a rapidly increasing heterogeneity. AMS Austria counts to the most important providers of information on further education (including relevant on-line products), to be distributed over different channels and/or media (BIZ, RGS, fairs on vocational information, Internet etc.).
As publisher of the serial booklet "The vocational future of further education", AMS’ special objective is to inform people interested in further education about adequate measures, courses, training courses etc.

Based on the evaluation of different serial booklets in the year 2000 a broader evaluation of the further education booklets published by AMS Austria is to be accomplished from now on. Any possible changes concerning the spreading by further education counsellors and providers, as well as AMS internal organizational units, such as, for instance, the vocational information centers and the regional offices are to be pointed out. Subsequently there is going to be examined how the usefulness of this serial booklets is estimated by the education counsellor within various institutions and which aspects in this regard can be improved. Further on possible competition products are to be investigated and compared as regards content with the serial booklets published by AMS. Within the framework of the project 20 interviews with AMS internal and external experts that work as further education advisors and/or vocational counsellors are to be accomplished.

Project Management

Brigitte Mosberger (abif)

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Thomas Kreiml (abif)

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