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Project "District Management"

Project Title

Evaluation of the Pilot Project "Grätzelmanagement" in the 2nd and 20th District


The pilot project “Grätzelmanagement” (i.e. neighbourhood management) is aimed at considerably improving the deficient social, economic and cultural conditions of the target-2 areas, the 2nd and 20th districts of Vienna on various levels of municipal administration. The necessary measures should begin with local residents, shopkeepers and the district’s managing institutions. Political measures will be applied for the promotion of the job market, the local economy, the qualifying of local residents and of their cultural offerings.

Within the framework of the evaluation, structure, processing and quality of results should be foremost. A material and document analysis, as well as 5 continuity interviews with Experts from the project team will be conducted. The “idea workshop”, the work groups and the meetings in the “Grätzelforum” will be assessed and observations will be made by participants during the events.

The participants at the events will be questioned as to their satisfaction and possible changes in the districts through the use of a standardized questionnaire (n = 100). Besides the evaluation, consultation is also essential. Consultations with the relevant participants in the form of an accompanying process coaching will be carried out in 3 “reflective” groups as well as among the project’s group leaders.

Project Management

Karin Steiner (abif)

Project Team

Doris Muralter (abif), Thomas Kreiml (abif)

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WZW (Vienna Center for Sciences)