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Project "Needles or Pins"

Project Title

Evaluating the labour market political measure „Needles or Pins“


The goal of the evaluation is to examine the measure „Needles or Pins“ ( an initiative of the Vienna Drug Advice Centre Dialog, which helps individuals with addiction and psychological disturbances to be integrated into the labour market) in terms of its labour market oriented practicality and efficiency.

Thereby, the following should be particularly examined:

  • Does the measure adequately fulfill the needs of the target group, as well as the requirements of the client?
  • How satisfied are the participants with the measure? How do they rate the personal usefulness of the measure for work integration and what changes would they like to see come about?
  • What criteria are there for quality management and quality control and how are they put into effect by the measure’s supporters?
  • How do the relationship and comunication between the participating AMS (Arbeits Markt Service), the organizers of the measure and the participants manifest themselves?
One point of emphasis in the evaluation process will be to define meaningful criteria for success with the cooperation of experts from the side of the client and the project organizers. It will hereby be necessary to define relevant outer criteria (Benchmarking criteria), through which the success of the measure can be evaluated and categorized.

In the course of the evaluation of „Needles or Pins“the causes for a gender- specifically varied utilization of the various offers should be examined. In conjunction with this, possible gender-specific accessability barriers should be analysed.

Project Management

Edith Enzenhofer (SORA)

Project Team

Karin Steiner (abif), Doris Muralter (abif)

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WAFF – Vienna Employment Promotion Fund

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