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Project "Pa-Re"

Project Title

Evaluation of the Social Enterprise Pa-Re


The content of the project is an evaluation of the social enterprise PA-RE. The enterprise produces and sells lamps and carpets made of wool and other Materials. It employs trainers and female transit workers. One result of the evaluation of PA-RE, which was carried out applying qualitative and quantitative methods, was that it proved the enterprise to be efficiently operated.

The research methods applied included qualitative interviews with experts, participants and trainers as well as the monitoring of focus groups and participants. The study also comprised a detailed description of the national debate on the criteria for measuring the success and quality of social enterprises. The analysis of the relevant literature discusses comparable projects in other German-speaking countries. The results have been disclosed in the publications of the Public Employment Service Vienna.

Project Management

Karin Steiner (abif)

Project Team

Thomas Kreiml (abif), Angelika Gasser (abif), Isabella Kaupa (SORA), Edith Enzenhofer (SORA), Vlasta Zucha (SORA)

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Project End



Public Employment Service Vienna