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Project "TBP"

Project Title

Evaluation of Different Employment and Training Schemes


The project served to evaluate four employment and training schemes that had been developed within the "Territorial Action Plan for Employment in Vienna". These were:

  • "Karenz+" (ABZ Meidling) - maternity leave+ (Training Centre Meidling, Vienna)
  • "Siemens Telecom" (Siemens AG Austria)
  • "Arbeiten und Lernen (bfi Wien) - working and learning (bfi Vocational Training Institute Vienna)
  • "OrganisationsassistentInnen für Einkaufsstraßen" (WIFI und WK Wien) - Organisational Assistants for Shopping Streets (Institute for Economic Development of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce)

abif evaluated the measures "Working and Learning" and "Organisational Assistants for Shopping Streets".
The evaluation was based on qualitative interviews with participants, trainers and experts of the Public Employment Service Vienna and the Vienna Employment Promotion Fund as well as a quantitative survey of participants.
The evaluation focussed on the co-operation between the organisations involved, the satisfaction of participants and possible fields of further development.
The evaluation also included a cost-benefit analysis as well as an analysis of the relevant literature that discusses comparable projects in other German-speaking countries. The results have been disclosed in the publications of the Public Employment Service Vienna.

Project Management

Isabella Kaupa (SORA)

Project Team

Karin Steiner (abif), Regina Erben-Hartig (abif), Thomas Kreiml (abif), Boris Einem (abif), Edith Enzenhofer (SORA), Mag.a Verena Paul (SORA), Dr. Michael Ornetzeder (ZSI), Mag.a Evelyne Wollner (ZSI)

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Project End



AMS Wien (Public Employment Service Vienna), WAFF (Vienna Employment Promotion Fund)