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Project "w@lz"

Project Title

Evaluation of the w@lz - Vienna Training Centre and Reflections on a Reform of the Regular School System


On the basis of the evaluation criteria described in the preliminary study, the one-year evaluation process applied serves to explore and analyse the success and the development potential of the w@lz - Vienna Training Centre.
The evaluation will focus on young people, parents, trainers, pedagogical concepts and how the training is organised.
It will be implemented in four stages: the background; structure and framework conditions; the training process; the results and lasting effects.
The following evaluation methods were selected: focus groups with parents, young people and trainers; quantitative survey instruments with parents and qualitative interviews with young people.

The first year will be analysed against the background of the results of the assessment centre and the project results attained by the group of young people.
The delphi procedure is applied as the basic communication and consulting method.
It provides for continuous feedback and an exchange of information on the participants’ self-perception and other people’s perception of them.

Project Management

Karin Steiner (abif)

Project Team

Regina Erben-Hartig (abif), Thomas Kreiml (abif), Brigitte Mosberger (abif)

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BMVIT - Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology