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Project "Red Cross"

Project Title

Counselling and evaluation of the Vienna Youth Red Cross (WJRK)


In its function as the youth organisation of the Vienna Red Cross, the WJRK organises a number of activities at schools, such as first-aid courses, life guard courses and the bicycle test. Moreover, the basic competencies of the organisation also include disaster aid and development projects.

The goal of the project is to carry out a cost-benefit-analysis of a number of different activities. Furthermore, qualitative interviews and focus groups with the honorary and employed staff will be conducted to collect suggestions on how to improve the organisation. Finally an overall survey will be made that is based on an in-depth questionnaire focussing on the honorary staff's contentment.
The findings of this research work will form the basis for further consultations.

Project Management

Ernst Gehmacher (abif)

Project Team

Karin Steiner (abif), Brigitte Mosberger (abif), Edith Enzenhofer, Thomas Kreiml (abif)

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Vienna Youth Red Cross (WJRK)