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Project "QUINORA"

Project Title

QUINORA – International quality assurance programme in vocational orientation and guidance measures for job seekers on the system level


The project QUINORA promoted by means of the Leonardo da Vinci program is the answer to the internationalization in vocational orientation and career guidance.

QUINORA has the goal of developing bench marks on European level and of spreading best practices. QUINORA’s main goal is the development of a quality assurance program for training measures in vocational orientation and activation. In form of a comparative synthesis report quality standards and programs in European Union countries are identified.

Subsequently international quality standards for trainings in vocational orientation and activation are developed, which focus in particular on the management level of the labour market-political actors. On the basis of the common international quality standards an e-learning tool will be developed, which offers the labour market and the political-educational actors the possibility to gradually implement these standards both on the system and meta level. An e-library is to provide additional information and sources regarding different aspects of the topic "quality in vocational orientation".

Target groups are managers of training measures in training institutions, different labour market and political-educational actors (e.g. Public Employment Services in the European Union countries), who are concerned with vocational orientation measures, as well as coaches of these measures.

Project Management

Karin Steiner (abif)

Project Team

Manuela Andiel (abif)

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