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Project "Blended Learning"

Project Title

Evaluation of blended learning courses of PES Styria and PES Burgenland


Even before the Corona crisis, there were pioneering concepts and pilot projects for blended learning in AMS-funded courses and qualifications. In the wake of the lockdown and the subsequent restrictions on courses, online courses were developed rapidly in some cases, while in others courses were offered later than planned. Digitization is not limited to learning in virtual spaces, but in some cases also has a more profound impact on the educational organizations themselves and also on the collaboration structures and processes with participants, companies and the client.

In two provinces, online learning is now undergoing a systematic evaluation on behalf of PES Austria. PES Burgenland and PES Styria, together with the organizations Burgenländisches Schulungszentrum, Schulungszentrum Fohnsdorf (SZF) and the Centers for Training Management (ZAM), provide a broad basis for evaluating blended learning courses. The evaluation will focus on the respective pedagogical-didactic concepts and subsequently on their implementation in terms of methodology, technology/tools used and acceptance among participants.

The methods include

  • a comprehensive, source-critical literature analysis,
  • the online survey of n=600 participants in blended learning courses,
  • n=9 qualitative interviews with representatives of the supporting organizations, as well as
  • a qualitative focus group with participants in blended learning courses.

Project Management

Mag.a Andrea Egger-Subotitsch

Project Team

Mag.a Claudia Liebeswar, Karolina Seidl BA

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Project Initiator

PES Austria