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Project "Digital Skills (MOOC)"

Project Title

Digital Skills for Employees in Austria - Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)


Abif is developing an 8-week MOOC on Digital Skills together with GPA-djp and the Graz University of Technology. The target group consists of 500 private employees in selected industries, with the work councils doing the groundwork. The MOOC is intended to sensitize works councils, but also to make visible what digital skills exactly consist of and how employees can acquire them.

Following active participation, which includes an online presence and a certain workload, a certificate is issued confirming the acquisition of "Basic Digital Skills". The MOOC is designed as a blended learning offering. A total of three half-day face-to-face events, which take place at the beginning, middle and end of the MOOC, complement the online offer.

After an evaluation, the MOOC will be adapted and continue to exist on the iMooX platform with a CC license as a self-learning course. The GPA-djp is planning further supervised sessions of the course after the end of the project.

Project Management

Mag.a Karin Steiner

Project Team

Mag. Mario Taschwer

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Project Initiator

AK Vienna - Digitisation Fund Work 4.0