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Project "Deep IN WBL"

Project Title

Deep IN WBL: Deepening Work-Based Learning Impact & womeN empowerment


Deep IN WBL is dedicated to current challenges in the context of Work-Based Learning. These include issues such as political control and involvement of the social partners, support for training companies, making dual forms of training more attractive, quality assurance issues and improving the participation of women in dual forms of training.

Project activities focus on comparing different approaches in the participating partner countries and exchanging good practices. The end products of the project consist of brief comparative analyses of the occupational profiles of skilled workers in dual vocational training, the legal framework, forms of cooperation between teachers and trainers in companies and good practices in the promotion of women in dual forms of training.

Under the leadership of the Zaragossa Chamber of Commerce, various organisations (chambers of commerce, vocational training centres, companies and public administrations) from 7 European countries work together in Deep IN WBL: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany and Turkey.

Project Management

Mag. Martin Stark

Project Team

Project Start


Project End



Erasmus+ Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnerships


CCIZ Zaragoza (Spain)

Project Partner(s)

abif (Austria), IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH (Germany), Instituto Inter, SL (Spain), Epralima (Portugal), Instituto Di Instruzione Superiore (Italy), Gestión Estratégica e Innovación (Spain), INNOVA+ (Portugal), Institute of Entrepreneurship Development IED (Greece), Kahramanmaras Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (Turkey)