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Project "Gender-Based Violence"

Project Title

BASE - Migrant and refugee child-friendly support services in cases of sexual and gender-based violence


Violence against women and young girls knows no cultural, geographical or ethnic barriers. Women with a migration background or from ethnic minorities and asylum seekers are particularly at risk. At the same time, access to and communication with the target group is a challenge for professionals.

BASE tries to contribute to the development and sustainability of integrative support services in cases of gender-based (sexualised) violence against girls and women. The objectives are to be achieved through the following strategic development steps: (1) empower women with a migration or refugee background as cultural advisers; (2) improve the capacity of professionals to communicate with women and girls with a migration or refugee background and their families; (3) support and promote intersectional, transnational cooperation; (4) raise awareness of the problem, its consequences and the provision of support.

The participating organisations come from 8 different EU countries: The coordinating institution is based in Cyprus, while the partner organisations come from Austria, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, the United Kingdom, Italy and Slovenia.

Project Management

Mag. Martin Stark

Project Team

Project Start


Project End



EU Commission – Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC)


Hope for Children (Cyprus)

Project Partner(s)

abif (Austria), APCdP (Portugal), GAF (Bulgaria), KMOP (Greece), Rinova (United Kingdom), CESIE (Italy), ZRS KOPER (Slovenia)


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