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Project "Outplacement-Stiftungen"

Project Title

Evaluation of Outplacement Foundations of the Vienna Employee Promotion Fund (WAFF)


The Vienna Employee Promotion Fund (WAFF) establishes outplacement-foundations since 1995. Therefore, they have proven themselves for a long time as an effective measure to support workers who suffer from the consequences of major structural changes.

However, since 2011 the central performance indicator was more scarcely achieved. Therefore, the Vienna Employee Promotion Fund (WAFF) assigned an evaluation of its outplacement-foundations from 2006 to 2014 to the research institutes abif and L&R. In addition to analyzing quantitative data on the participants of the foundations, former participants as well as WAFF employees, cooperation partners and stakeholders were interviewed. The aim was to identify reasons why the performance indicator was seldom met, but also to discuss if the indicator really was appropriate to illustrate the success of a foundation. Last but not least, key success factors were analyzed to elaborate precise recommendations on how to design and implement the outplacement-foundations.

Project Management

Mag.a Karin Steiner

Project Team

Mag. Martin Stark, Mag.a Sandra Schneeweiß MA

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Project Initiator

Vienna Employee Promotion Fund (WAFF)

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