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Project "Professionalization AaT"

Project Title

Professionalization of Animal Assisted Therapy


Animal assisted therapy has manifold applications. To promote a stronger professionalization of this occupational field, the aim of the Erasmus+ project is to develop a training curriculum for persons who plan to work with dog-assisted therapy.

In cooperation with academies and organizations from Poland, Germany and Norway relevant skills will be identified and a research-based curriculum as well as a multimedia training format are going to be developed. Moreover, we seek a Europe-wide certificate of the training.

abif is leading the accompanying research of the project and can contribute to the success of the project due to its expertise in training and development of curricula.

Project Management

Monira Kerler

Project Team

Project Start


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Janusz Korczak Pedagogical University

Project Partner(s)

SZL (Animals for People Association), Norwegian Centre of Anthrozoology (AZS), Freiburger Institut für TgT