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Project "JOB BROKER"

Project Title

The evolving role of the JOB BROKER across the EU


The profession of the job broker (German rather placement officer) comprehends different roles in different countries. Therefore, the aim of the project is to identify, analyse and compare these different roles of job brokers in the countries which are participating.

Most important is to compare activities, profiles of competence as well as the embedding of job brokers in the national labor market policy.

The result of the project will be an informational brochure about options of professional education and which will contribute to the professional further development of the occupational profile of job brokers.

Partner countries are Austria, UK, Iceland, Italy, Spain and Cyprus.

Project Management

Andrea Egger-Subotitsch (abif)

Project Team

Martin Stark (abif)

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Project End



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Leonardo da Vinci, Partnerschaftsprojekt | EC GD Bildung und Kultur


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