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Project "Virtual Guidance"

Project Title

VIRTUAL GUIDANCE - Developing and Delivering Innovative ICT Vocational Guidance Services


Having provided boundless access to information and tools for instruction and assessment regardless of time and location of the counselors and clients, information and communication technologies (ICT) in guidance have brought important changes in delivery of career services. By using ICT in guidance, more and more guidance counselors can access career information easily and are able to target various groups.

The project will transfer methods and competency criteria for ICT skills of guidance counselors developed within the previous Leonardo da Vinci project “ICT Skills for Guidance Counselors” coordinated by ASTER (Italy).

The main objectives of this project are:

• Transferring and adapting criteria and models to enable practitioners both to evaluate existing ICT-based ressources, and to develop new materials.
• Developing new attitudes towards the use of ICT in guidance and enabling the practitioners to see new technologies as support of their daily practice.

These aims and objectives are planned to be achieved through the following activities:

• Conducting a survey of practitioners’ views on the role of ICT in their work, and their perceived training needs
• Conducting an inquiry on views of national experts by conducting individual interviews
• Preparing a training program based on defined training needs based on the developed training plan
• Preparing modular training materials
• Developing a web based training for guidance counselors

Project Management

Andrea Egger-Subotitsch, M.A.

Project Team

Franziska Haydn, M.A.

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