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Project "SAG-Evaluation"

Project Title

Evaluation of the „Service Work and Health – Counselling Service for Vocational Prevention”


The „Service Work and Health“, brought into being by BBRZ (Center for vocational education and rehabilitation), advises employees and their companies located in Vienna and Styria who are affected by health threats and problems. The counsellors work out a health treatment plan with the help of the employees aiming at preserving the working place.

The evaluation aims at examining the achievements of the counselling services called “work and health” by SAG. For this reason, abif first identifies the inventions´ effects and economical benefits on behalf of the company by applying qualitative and quantitative empirical research methods. Secondly, the research team of abif proves the operational implementation of the measures provided. Furthermore, the satisfaction of employees, company and counsellers is to be evaluated.

Decisive research questions are:
- How sick, healthy, “fit for work” are people who have made use of advisory service provided by SAG?

- Assuming these people would not have consumed SAG counselling, what would be their professional career and health development in future, at a guess?

- How, where and when does the intervention apply? And what impact has the intervention on the people as well as the company counselled by SAG.

- What sustainable effects can be identified? (e.g. state of health before and after the intervention, number of staff ill a.s.o.)?

Project Management

Mag. Andrea Egger-Subotitsch

Project Team

Mag. Franziska Haydn

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Project Initiator

AMS Österreich


Service Arbeit und Gesundheit