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Project "ÖBB-Traktion"

Project Title

Evaluation of the BGF-health project “Xund für’s Leben” of the ÖBB-Traktion GmbH (business unit Traction of the Austrian Federal Railways)


The business unit Traction of the Austrian Federal Railways Traction GmbH is carrying out an extensive project for the promotion of its employees’ health. For the continuous quality assurance and identification of possible room for improvements the above mentioned company has assigned the evaluation of this health project lasting for several years to abif. The project responsibles receive feedback from the evaluator on a regular basis regarding the progress of the process, whereby internal reflection processes are activated and the project management is supported.

The evaluation approach is, just as the health project itself, strongly participative and in accordance with the Luxemburg declaration for working health promotion. The subject of the evaluation are the project’s structure and processes, whereby in particular the concept, the project environment, the operational implementation of the project and its importance are to be analysed. The evaluation is using methods of the qualitative and quantitative social research. Document analyses, quantitative surveys, participating observations as well as qualitative interviews are being accomplished. abif considers the evaluation more than just an assessment of value. It is a service for the organisation.

Project Management

Andrea Egger-Subotitsch (abif)

Project Team

Marie Jelenko (abif)

Project Start


Project End


Project Initiator

ÖBB-Traktion GmbH