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Project "FLOW"

Project Title

Feedbacks on Leonardo Outputs and Works


The overall objective of FLOW is to contribute, through awareness, information and dissemination campaigns, to the improvement of the unemployment reduction, through the facilitation of the entrance into the European labor market. It promotes innovation, cooperation and (virtual) through transnational partnership.
FLOW aims in particular to maximize the impact of Leonardo projects by disseminating and giving a high profile to the impact on preparing European citizens for entering the labor market through the promotion their skills and in particular of the mobility and the qualifications transparency.

The specific objectives are:

• To realize an analysis of the identified outputs & outcome in the above described filed to foster European integration, finalized to the identification of a transferability model for those outputs.

• To realize an event such as a Technical Workshop involving actors that have been engaged in the experimentation phases of the different projects and aimed at their further involvement, in order to disseminate good practices and through the presentation of examples, actions, events, documents of relevant actions undertaken during the projects implementation, the dissemination of products and results using a flexible form of presentation not aiming to involve just experts and specific target group but open to a wide range of public.

abif brings the outputs and outcomes of the Leonardo project QUINORA in the project and takes active part in analyzing outputs and outcomes as well as in presenting examples, activities, events etc. within a technical workshop.

Project Management

Karin Steiner (abif)

Project Team

Marie Jelenko (abif)

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