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Project "e-TIMES"

Project Title

e-TIMES - Training the Intermediary Management in European Social Institutions


Welfare institutions bear increasing importance, therewith the management and practi-cal work of those institutions face new challenges. To manage those challenges profes-sionally, the project will develop a training program. Target group are women working in the field of social welfare, be it in the intermediate management or as practitioners, with little experience in using information- and communication technologies. Currently they are trapped in the vicious circle of low qualification, low income and little training possibilities, just meliorating their experience by learning on the job. The main goal of the project is enhancing career opportunities for the target group.

Although the enlargement of the European Union lead to an increasing number of train-ing measures for the management as well as for practitioners, those measures were neither coordinates on a professional level nor coordinated on an international level, hence, leading to large heterogeneity, little quality and difficulties in practicing social and welfare work. The training-tool to be developed within the project will eliminate these shortcomings.

Project Management

Mag.a Karin Steiner (abif)

Project Team

Mag.a Clara Fritsch (abif) Mag.a Eva Leuprecht MA (abif)

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